Rules & Regulations


Every driver must present a piece of identification for security purposes. A driver’s licence, a health card or passport can be accepted. Click here for more information about prices and race formats. With karts that go up to 35 mph, safety is number one!  We have rules and regulations that racers must abide by. You will be briefed before you get onto the track but we like to reinforce our rules before our drivers arrive.

The karts will go much faster than the track will allow so you will need to use your brakes. Your left foot is for the brake and right foot is for the gas. Don’t push both at the same time. If you do, you might get shown a sign that says “stop riding the brakes.” Don’t forget to wear closed toe shoes – no sandals or flip flops.  Also, you will need to keep both hands on the wheel.

We use flags and signs to communicate with you. If you see yellow flashing lights or yellow flags then you must slow down because that means someone ahead of you has spun out. If you are the one that has spun out then you must stay in your kart and do not try to move the kart yourself. Put your arm up so we can see you and we will get to you as soon as possible. Wait for a marshal.

This is a non-contact sport. These are not bumper karts. If you are seen hitting another kart or the track barrier intentionally or not, you will be given a warning. If you get more then two warnings, you will be removed from the track. We do not give refunds for reckless driving.

If you see the blue flag, this means that you are holding up traffic, so please move over to the right side (or the exterior of the curve) and allow the kart behind you to pass. You might be shown a sign in conjunction with this flag. Never slow down on the track to wait for a friend as this can create a dangerous situation, for which you will be black-flagged.

Once you see the black and white checkered flag the race has ended, you will complete that lap and proceed into the pits. You MUST drive slowly while in the pits and be sure to not bump the kart ahead of you. When you are at a complete stop, stay in your kart and do not get up until the marshal tells you so. We don’t want you to get hit from behind by another driver so please pay attention to the marshal.

What you need to bring:

  1. Current Driver’s License or Photo ID
  2. Appropriate clothing and closed toe shoes.
  3. If you are less then 18 years old you must present yourself with an adult during registration.
  4. Each Guest will be required to wear a Head Sock unless you are bringing your own helmet.  A mandatory loaner helmet and an optional race suit are provided.
  5. Friends, Family, and co-workers you can challenge!


...And don’t forget TO have fun!