1-2-3 GO!

Located in the region of the National Capital, Top Karting is the destination for those who have the need for speed. We offer an authentic racing experience gas powered 9HP karts and now our junior karts for the little ones (8 to 12) on a quarter mile poured asphalt track for superb handling and grip. Top Karting is proud to offer you an ‘’authentic’’ race experience. Our entire fleet of karts is composed of Sodi RT8 models and has been enhanced for maximum performance. Our karts can reach a top speed of 35mph!

There are several types of racing experiences to choose from!

  • Race Against the Clock!
  • Combo : 2 Races + drink
  • Grand Prix : Lap race, including qualifications
  • Group events, including qualifications and a finale*


  • Minimum 12 years old or 8 for the junior karts**
  • Minimum 5 feet (1.52m)  or 4 feet 3″(1.32m) for the junior karts**

  • Maximum 300lbs.

* A finale is offered for groups of 16 people or more.
**These age, height and weight restrictions are a guideline. Management reserves the right to determine if someone is not the proper size to control the kart. Drivers of less then 18 years old  who meet the minimum height requirement, must present themselves with their health card number and be accompanied by an adult.


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